What a Bottle of Vanilla Taught Me About Life

What can you learn about life from a bottle of vanilla? Read on to find out how a bottle of vanilla gave me an insight into how we can sometimes get stuck and what we can do to begin to move forward again.

Recently I was whipping up a delicious smelling batch of stove-top potpourri and needed some vanilla (I used fresh cut apples, orange peel, cloves, and cinnamon in case you’d like to give it a try.) When I opened the door to my spice cabinet, the vanilla was nowhere to be found. I knew that I had just bought a new bottle but couldn’t remember putting it away. As I stood there looking over my spice racks I began to wonder if the bag with the vanilla in it was accidentally left in my car. Out I went to search but there was no errant grocery bag to be found. So, I went back into my kitchen and stood there looking at my spice racks again when there it was, the vanilla, but it was still in the box. I was looking for a little brown bottle of vanilla and was so focused on that image, I failed to see the vanilla was literally right in front of me, just in a different package.

That’s when the thought struck me, how often do we get stuck because we have a picture in our head of what something is supposed to look like, and we can’t see past that picture?

If you are feeling stuck somewhere in your life, ask yourself these questions to begin moving forward again.

1. If I look at the bigger/smaller picture, will my perspective change?

2. Are there other points of view I could consider?

3. Am I sure the picture I have in my head of this situation is really the best solution/situation/outcome? What are some alternatives?

4. Who can help me gain new perspective?

5. If I look at this another way, what might that look like and what would be the outcome?

Allow yourself to explore and be creative. Try journaling or talking this through with a friend. When you are trying to gain a new perspective on a situation, there is no wrong answer, just ideas and new directions to consider. Look inward, dig deeper, and look at the situation from a higher vantage point to gain new perspectives and clarity. The solution might be something you never even considered, or it might be right in front of you, just in a different package.

If you are feeling really stuck, Reiki can help. Reiki will help clean out any energy and emotional blocks you might be experiencing. You’ll feel more balanced and better able to gain new perspectives. Book a session here and remember that distance Reiki is just as effective as in-person Reiki. Give it a try today!

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