One Thing We Need to Heal to Make Our World a Better Place

A while back a friend shared a video on social media that was a perfect visual example of “divided we fall, united we stand.” The video takes place, I am assuming, in Africa. You see two Gazelles locking horns in a battle. As they are busy fighting one another, you can see a yellow blur in the distance getting closer and closer. The other Gazelles that were standing around watching the battle scatter quickly once they notice this yellow blur, but the two fighting Gazelles do not notice until it is too late. The lion pounces and takes down one of the Gazelles. On the video, someone had added text stating something to the effect of, “While we are busy fighting one another the real enemy is attacking us.” This got me to thinking, “Who, or what, is the real enemy.”

I thought on this for quite some time and considered such things as the biased media that spreads fear-based messages, corruption in our government, etc. However, I think it is important that we get to the root cause of our issues, so I kept pondering, trying to go deeper, and I came to this conclusion-the real enemy is separation.

As I thought more about the issue of separation, the illusion of separation, I was able to break it down even further, into four key areas of separation that are causing so much suffering on this planet.

1. Separation from self

2. Separation from each other

3. Separation from the natural world

4. Separation from a higher power

Separation from Self

“To fall in love with yourself if the first secret to happiness.” -Robert Morley

I recently hosted a 14 Day Self-Love Challenge during which participants completed activities designed to heal and cultivate self-love. This challenge also included 14 days of distance Reiki so we could really go deep. The reason I chose Self-Love as the theme of my first big event is because I believe we have an epidemic of people who do not know their self-worth, lack self-confidence, are not aware of what is driving their actions, and ultimately lack self-love. This is key to heal if you want to live a life you genuinely love. Once you heal yourself at the deepest level, know your worth, find your confidence, and love yourself for exactly who you are, you will find joy and success (whatever success means to you). You will be able to do what you were put here to do and bring your gifts and talents out to the world. Not only will this cause you to find joy and success, but you will also positively affect those around you. Another positive outcome of finding self-love, is you will not feel the need to judge others. When you feel solid about who you are, and the decisions you make, you will not care so much what others are doing or need to try to change them. This leads us to the next area of separation-separation from each other.

Separation from Each Other

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten we belong to each other.” Mother Teresa

I do not need to go into the level of divisiveness on our planet at this time. You all see it and feel it. I watch the hate being spewed on social media, the news, and during in-person conversations and it breaks my heart. I do however believe this is somewhat a symptom of things getting better in our world, not worse. We need to bring the ugly to the surface if we want to heal it but that it another blog post. If we understood just how deeply we are connected, I mean deep as in quantum level connection, we would not be able to “otherize” each other. What do I mean by “otherize?” This is where we see ourselves as separate from someone, so we almost look at that person as not a person at all. We dehumanize them or make them an “other.” If they do not believe as you do, then there is something inherently wrong with them. Researchers say that one reason we hold so firmly to our beliefs is that it makes us feel part of a group. The labels we give ourselves can however blind us from opening our minds to other ideas. But here is the thing, when you hate on someone for whatever reason, that anger and hatred hurts you more than that other person. That anger and hatred hurts those around you because the energy you are putting out there, affects those around you. That anger and hatred is contagious and spreads. Healing our separation from each other begins with healing ourselves. It begins with unlearning the programming you learned for so many years. It begins with looking at someone you disagree with and seeing that person as a valuable human being whose opinion matters too. Every single one of the seven and a half billion people who are here, is a child of God. If that is true, then all seven and a half billion of us have God in us. How can we not be connected? If we remembered that, if we could integrate that at a soul level, our world would be a very different place.

Separation from Nature

“One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken.”- Leo Tolstoy

Did you know doctors are recommending time in nature or forest bathing and that there is a term “nature deficit disorder?” Humans today are more disconnected from nature than at any other period in history due to modern conveniences and technology. I certainly do not want to give up my hot running water, air-conditioning, or internet, but I do think we need to actively seek out ways to reconnect with nature. Just as believing we are separate from each other has allowed us to “otherize” people, it has done the same with nature. Feeling disconnected from nature, and even superior to it, has led humans to the destruction of nature. From clear-cutting forests, polluting the air and water, and not respecting plant and animal life, we have caused a lot of damage to our natural environment. I live in Minnesota where we claim to love nature. Our natural resources are heralded as one of our greatest assets here and many people consider them avid outdoors-people. Yet not long ago I read an article talking about the immense amount of trash being cleaned up after the ice fishing season is over. Much of the trash ends up on the shores of the lake, but also at the bottom of the lake where it has a negative impact on marine life. If we understood, and felt, our connection to nature, we would never purposefully pollute the water and allow trash to accumulate on the bottom of the lakes we say we love so much. This is just one tiny example of a world-wide issue. Here is the ironic thing about this, nature does not need us, but we need nature. If humans went extinct, this planet would be just fine. The Earth would go on without us. But the reverse is not true. We have this one planet with all its beautiful diversity of life, and we are so incredibly blessed to be here. Nature not only provides life for us, but we can learn so much from nature as well. The entire planet is our home and yet we treat it so badly. We are but one species living here amongst thousands and thousands of different forms of life, yet we act like we are the most important. We need to heal this disconnection from nature so we can ensure the health of our natural environment for generations to come. Just as we are one with each other, we are one with nature.

Separation from a Higher Power

“When you seek a connection with God, you suffer. God is not absent.” -Mark Whitwell

For me personally, I believe strongly in a higher power and I believe the lack of connection to this higher power is a root cause of human suffering. There are many names for this higher power: God, Source, the Creator, the Grand Architect, or even the Universe but whatever name you use, this higher power is pure love and is always with you. I will not try to suggest how to connect to this higher power, that relationship is different for everyone. I feel closest to God when I am in nature, and when I am doing acts of service. I feel close to God when I am giving Reiki. If you do have that connection with a higher power, you never have to feel alone. It can give you a sense of awe and wonder and you can know that you are a part of something truly miraculous. I often remind myself of the phrase, “Let go and let God.” I feel I can turn to God in times of trouble and if I can surrender my worries, God will help. Again, you can substitute God for any word that resonates with you, but I believe that if each of us could have this deep connection with a higher power, it would also go a long way in healing the suffering in our world.

For each of the areas of separation I listed above, healing will take time and effort You must actively choose healing and do the work. You must be willing to dig deep, unlearn, re-learn, and give up some things along the way to find that connection. You can find teachers, resources, and get support but ultimately this has to be an inside job.

I honestly believe if we can end this illusion of separation, we can heal our world. We owe it to ourselves, our children, our grand-children, and future generations we will never even know. We owe it to our planet, the place we call home. You deserve to feel loved and connected. You are loved and you are connected. You are not alone as we are all one.

Kalila Healing Arts is here to support you on your journey with energy healing, resources, and classes on spiritual and personal development. Reiki is a great tool to support you through this process. When I am consistent in my practice, I feel more grounded, balanced, and connected. I experience significantly less stress and much more joy. I would love to work with you as you continue your journey. To book an appointment you can simply visit the “Reiki Sessions” section of my website and for upcoming events check out the “Workshops” section of my website as well.

I wish you all the best on healing any separation you may feel so you can live the joyful, abundant life you deserve. Let us start a wave of healed, connected people so we can create a healthy, connected world.

Love & Blessings,


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