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And we're go for launch......

Hello! I cannot believe I am finally doing this. I've had a dream of being my own boss for years but nothing I've tried has ever worked out. What I came to realize was those other businesses, while perfectly good opportunities, weren't businesses I created from my heart and didn't feed my soul the way I'd hoped. I've been searching for quite a while and I've finally figured it out. I am SO excited to share my dream with you all!

One morning, not long ago, I woke up with the clear knowing that empowering people to take control of their well-being with Reiki, and other modalities, was my true path. I can't explain it exactly but the minute I opened my eyes I just knew, and it's been full steam ahead since then. I have been practicing Reiki for over ten years, mostly for myself, friends, and family. I have seen the difference it can make in people's lives physically, mentally, and emotionally. For me, Reiki has helped relieve anxiety, I feel more calm and balanced, when I have aches and pains Reiki is my first go-to for relief, and it has helped me grow spiritually. However, Reiki is not a religious practice, and it has no dogma, so the spiritual part is my personal experience. You do not need to be spiritual to receive, or practice, Reiki as it is a universal energy available to everyone.

The name for my business didn't come to me easily. I searched for quite a while before finding a name that was both meaningful and unique. I was searching through baby name websites when I saw the name Kalila. Kalila means "heap of love" and I couldn't think of a more perfect name for my work. I truly hope that everyone I work with, whether in-person or on-line, will feel all the love that I put into helping you live a life of abundance.

These are challenging, yet such transformative, times we are in. We are led to believe that there is so much out of our control, yet I believe we have control over many things such as our health, our mindset, and what we choose to do with this time. It is my personal mission to empower people with the tools to take control of their well-being through Reiki, and other modalities.

At the time of launching Kalila Healing Arts, I am offering both distance Reiki sessions and in-person sessions. I am also hosting masterclasses in chakra balancing and manifestation, and I have created two powerful printable PDF's in these areas that are available in my Etsy shop. The first printable is the Kalila Guide to Balancing Your Chakras and the second is The Kalila Guide to Manifestation. These are workbooks designed with busy people in mind! If you do the exercises in these guides, it will have a positive effect on your life. Included in the guides is information, activities, and inspiration to help you live a life of abundance. Both guides are printable instant downloads so you don't even have to wait for them to ship! Check them out at: There will also be an amazing 14 day self-love challenge coming up in February. You've got to check these out!

Beginning in March, I will be offering online Reiki training! I am passionate about teaching Reiki because by learning Reiki, you have this amazing tool at your disposal whenever you need it, you can help friends and family, and you might even open your own business one day. Once it's safe to do so, I will being offering in-person classes as well.

In time I will be obtaining certifications in both EFT, or tapping, and mindfulness based practices. Both of these are simple, yet powerful, tools for well-being.

I am so excited to begin this journey and to get to work with people from all around the world. I truly believe we are all deeply connected, and when we heal and thrive, we help our entire world heal and thrive.

Namaste...Blessings...and I wish you abundance in all areas of your life!

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