3 Reasons Why Manifestation Isn't Working For You

You have probably heard of the Law of Attraction, or manifestation. Maybe you have even given it a try but gave up because what you were wanting did not show up. You may have thought this was just a load of B.S.

It isn’t.

I have been studying the Law of Attraction for quite some time and came to understand why manifestation was not working for me. It had nothing to do with not wanting something bad enough or not being worthy. What it boiled down to was three things.

1. Not understanding how manifestation really works.

2. Not getting super clear on what it is I really wanted.

3. Not letting go and trusting in the process.

Once I understood this information, and did the work, I have begun to see things showing up for me, almost like magic. For example, this summer I was looking for a new job and I had a few specific qualities I was looking for in this new job. I put it out there and easily got a job with all the requirements I wanted. Another example is when I was looking to purchase a massage table for my Reiki sessions. I found one I liked and put it in my cart, but for some reason I did not order it right away. Then, just a few days after I put the table in my cart, I saw that someone I knew was selling her like-new massage table for $25! I saved a bunch of money and got a good quality table. I am continuing to work on myself so I can be a vibrational match for the life of my dreams, and I have no doubt that I will attract all I desire.

I want to help you understand this process as well so you can start manifesting a life of your dreams. Join me for my March Madness Manifestation Masterclass where you will learn everything you need to know to tap into this powerful process. You have all you need inside already; you just need to learn the steps.

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