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Let your best self emerge & live a life you truly love!

Hi, I'm Stacy Edland!

After experiencing a traumatic childhood, and some very challenging
situations as an adult, I went searching for a way to heal at the deepest

I wanted to experience my life with joy, not fear or anxiety.

That's when I found Reiki and it opened the doors to a whole world of
holistic and spiritual practices.

With using Reiki, Energetic Allergy Healing, Tapping, and more, I no longer
suffer from depression or anxiety.

My spring allergies have been healed.

I feel gratitude and joy on a daily basis and have an overall sense of
balance of peace and I think everyone deserves this level of healing, and falling in love with their lives.

I'm the founder of Kalila Healing Arts and am a certified life coach, Reiki master, certified EFT/Tapping practitioner, Energetic Allergy Healing practitioner, and spiritual teacher who is committed to guiding you in your healing journey so you can live a healthy, empowered life you truly love.

I didn't just take courses or a read a couple of books, I've been on my own healing journey for about 20 years and what I've learned along the way is that we have more power to heal and more control over creating our lives than we've ever been lead to believe.

I've been practicing Reiki for almost 15 years so besides completing the master level training, I have a ton of practical experience.

During the pandemic lockdown I woke up one morning with the clear knowing that it was time to share all I've learned with others. It was literally divine inspiration. That's when the idea for Kalila Healing Arts was born and it's been quite a journey since then.

Integrity, honesty, and working with a high vibration are all important to me.

I believe that you already have everything inside that you need.

I am here to guide you back to that inner knowing. I am so excited to offer
these things to help you on your journey to vibrant well-being.


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